Covid-19 Safety Protocol


I know this is a crazy time we are living in, with social distancing and mask, but I want to assure you that coming into the salon is safe.  I am taking every safety measure possible to keep you the client and myself safe. There are a few things you should know before boking an appointment.


1. I am in a private suite, that means you & I will be the only persons in the room during your appointment.


2. You are not allowed to bring anyone with you to your hair appointment, if you do they will be asked to wait in the car & will not be allowed in.


3. I do realize this is a difficult time but you are not allowed to bring your children with you for your hair appointment.


4. You are welcome to wear a mask if this makes you comfortable. If you are showing any signs of sickness you will be required to wear a mask.


 5. I will wear a mask if you prefer during  your hair appointment. I am also fully vaccinated.

6. My suite is cleaned and sanitized between each and every client. 

7, Be on time for your appointment, if you arrive early please text me (936) 520-8075 to see if I am ready for you, if I am not I will ask you to wait in your car.

Again I do know that some are worried about coming into the salon due to Covid-19 but I do want to assure you that I am taking every safety precaution to keep you & I safe. If you would like an appointment when the salon has less people in it, Mondays are perfect. Mondays there are less than a handful of people working in the salon, that means very little traffic in the salon. Also I can do early morning appointments before other people start arriving at the salon. For an early morning appointment you will need to contact me directly.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your beautiful face in my chair. 

This Too Shall Pass

Covid-19 Client Questions

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